The Most Awful (and Amazing) Early-1990’s Wrestling Promos

In my mind, the current state of WWE is unwatchable — especially for old-school fans of the WWF. It’s gone from fan friendly, to degenerate friendly, back to fan friendly, and now to complete soap opera trash.

Having said that, the old times were the good times, the real ‘golden age’. Back when Hulk Hogan was a legitimate hero and Vince McMahon was pumping out the most ridiculous gimmicks known to man. Today, we will honor some of those ridiculous gimmicks, with some of the most amazingly awful promo videos of the early-1990's.

Koko B. Ware

A 100 percent rip-off of former NBA gunner World B. Free, Koko B. Ware now holds the distinction of being the worst-possible WWE Hall-of-Fame inductee. Check out some of his chops…


One of my all-time favorite wrestlers, Skinner was legitimately scary as shit. I mean, check out this dude’s promo; he is going to skin you alive and then spit tobacco juice in your wounds.

(The wrestler playing Skinner, Steve Keirn, went on to wrestle as a much more famous character — Doink The Clown.)


Nailz had a short-lived WWF career, cut short by an incident after the 1992 Summerslam event. It’s reported that he attacked McMahon because his slice of the pie wasn’t big enough, prompting Vince to make sure he never wrestled for real money again — he didn’t. Check out his impeccable acting skills…

The Ultimate Warrior

Last but not least, the king of the awful promo — The Ultimate Warrior.


This one isn’t awful but deserves to be posted because it was filmed at my hometown high school in Liberty, New York. I was definitely there…I think.

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