Odds To Win 2017 MLB World Series — August 10th

The All-Star break is deep in our rear-view mirror now, meaning we’re officially in the throws of playoff races. Half of the divisions are locked up already; led by the Dodgers (16-games), Nationals (15-games), and Astros (13-games). The rest are within a handful of games and are totally up for grabs.

In terms of the Wild Card races, the National League looks sewn up by the Diamondbacks and Rockies, but the American League is the tightest race out there.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to be rockin’ down the stretch.

Here, we will lay out the betting odds for the 2017 World Series, excluding the teams that have no chance. If sports betting isn’t your thing, let me help you understand the numbers.

Say the Indians are (+800)…that means if you laid down a $100 bet, you’d get your $100 back, plus $800. Easy, right?

(Odds courtesy of Bovada)

Odds To Win The World Series:

  • Dodgers (+225)
  • Astros (+500)
  • Nationals (+700)
  • Cubs (+700)
  • Red Sox (+700)
  • Indians (+750)
  • Yankees (+1000)
  • Diamondbacks (+3300)
  • Rockies (+3300)
  • Royals (+3300)
  • Cardinals (+6600)
  • Rays (+6600)
  • Brewers (+6600)
  • Mariners (+6600)
  • Pirates (+7500)
  • Twins (+10,000)
  • Orioles (+10,000)
  • Angels (+10,000)
  • Blue Jays (+15,000)
  • Rangers (+20,000)

Looking at the numbers, there are a few quality long-shot picks: New York, Arizona, Colorado, and as a homer, Baltimore. Realistically, it’s probably going to wind up with the Dodgers and Astros but where’s the fun in that?

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