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chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Forced to Stay || Chapter 3: Forced to Stay

The camera scans the ground. Glass spheres are strewn about, some dark and broken, others intact and full of light. The driver holds a freshly broken sphere and inhales the vapors that once filled it.

Bound to the trunk of a tree stretched out for miles

Casting a shadow on all I know of life

The first two lines of the song again reference chapter one, and we watch the driver reach yet another stage of grief. In a flash, they’re standing amongst the trees again, Deaths glowing eyes watch.

I can’t seem to shake the thought

The light is taken by the hearse

Its a lesson never learned

Everyday is getting worse

Death appears within an arms length, removes their glowing eyes, and holds them out to the driver.

I dissolve into the pain

Pour myself into the guilt

Hanging over me like skies of rain

All the blood that I have spilt

The offering once again brings memories of the car, the trees, the passenger. Another shot of inhaling the smoke from the broken sphere. Back in the woods, among the trees and the soft ground, roots grow from the drivers’ legs.

Carried you to heavens gate

I am forced to stay

A celebration

The finale of life

The marriage between

Soil and bride

The driver stares into the mirror, conjuring a blurry vision of the passenger, wriggling and waving about until the mirror becomes the pool of water being used as a scrying medium. Flash, again in front of the mirror as glass splinters outward and the phantom car hurtles through.

The blood denies the rose

To carry only memories of loss

A vigil on the side of the road

Her body now belongs to the cross

Upon uttering the last line, Death rears their head reminding us that they are who the passenger belongs to.

I am judged and set on fire

At the stand falling deaf to their cries

The driver holds up their hand, inspecting it as the flesh cracks and separates from the bone.

The bleating of a hundred voices

In unison asking me why

They hold their arm, with bones exposed, while a large group of bright eyed beings gather behind them. The camera raises, still focusing on the driver revealing well over twenty beings with headlight eyes watching on as they inspect their injury.

We should have left before the storm…

A stone chair appears from behind, offering a slow journey down a triangular hallway, Death just behind, the bright eyed beings line the hall plucking the headlight brightness from their sockets. They offer the orbs as a source of light for Death and the driver. They look up, floating there, ghost like, the Fabric.




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