I truly believe that everyone on this planet has a divine purpose or light, and that the moment we find that sparkle, is when the real magic starts to happen.
  • Eripitan Osagie-Sule
  • From Dallas, Texas, USA
  • A writer who is ferociously enthusiastic for the Lord

How did you come to discover your passion for writing? It’s actually pretty funny because in High School I was often told that I was an average writer. In College, I got A’s on essays, but I always assumed it was because I knew how to make any topic sound interesting. So I honestly never believed in myself when it came to writing. Every year I would make a New Year’s Resolution to start a blog. Every single year I failed to do it. It’s funny how God will tell you that you’re very good at something, while everyone else says you aren’t, and that we as people tend to believe the opinion of others over God’s. It wasn’t until I went to a church conference and heard the pastor say, “Stop writing down your goals and start working towards them”, that I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “This is your year!”

What’s the biggest challenge you have in regards to achieving your dreams? My biggest challenge is having the mindset of feeling like I’ll never be good enough or that I’ll never impact enough people. I have a problem with basing my progress with things like the number of followers or likes I have. I feel like a lot of people think this way too. My goal before was to become famous, but I have to constantly remind myself that I’m already famous in the eyes of God. That He is proud of me no matter what.

What social causes in the world are closests to your heart? I would have to say that Mental Health issues definitely tug on my heart’s strings. I honestly feel like people take for granted how precious their mental health is and when we hear about other people being mentally ill, we are so quick to judge. I really want to portray a message through my blog that you as an individual are in control of your own feelings, and that with the power of your mind, you can transform yourself. That you can’t let yourself be the prey, when all you have to do is pray.

What legacy do you want to leave behind at the end of your life? When I die, I really want people to remember me as the woman who always did what she said she would…goals and all, wholeheartedly trusted in Jesus, and someone who left a special mark on this planet.

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