Wealth, Health & Heart (Body, Bank and Bonks): An Update

I’ve been neglecting you, dear readers. I’ve not slipped into a bog in Ireland, here’s what’s been going on.

So guys, a check in is due, no?

A few years ago, I was in a job which I loved, founded by an Austrian chap and two Dutch guys. I liked all three of them immensely. One of the Dutch guys once told me, over an early morning bowl of muesli, that there’s a trinity in life which is never balanced.

“Wealth Health and Heart, Cat. The three are never aligned, but if you’re hitting well on two of the three, you’re not doing bad.”

What he means, of course, is more accurately rephrased as “body, bank and bonks”. I took loads of little nuggets away from that job (another great one being “There’s two types of people in this world Cat, the radiators and the drains. You wanna be with the radiators as much as possible”), but this allegedly impossible balance between these elements of a happy life became something of a fixation for me. Right now, I can’t begin to talk about how I feel politically (read about it here if you want) but personally, I’m feeling pretty good. I think the three verticals are holding the tripod of my life and happiness up quite nicely. This isn’t a brag post, I’m not yet killing it but, you know, I’m not falling over either. So here we go. Update incoming.

Wealth (Bank)

How uncouth to begin with financials. It’s the one that matters the least to me in terms of what makes me happy, but it comes first in the rhyme so it can kick off this little recap robin. Basically, it’s not money that I’m worried about, it’s how I earn it. So, what is my job situation?

First up — I am really, really enjoying my new job. The people I am working with make me laugh every day, I feel like I’m forming friendships, the work is creative and unexpected and challenging and there’s oodles of room to grow and learn. Mostly, I just can’t believe I got so lucky. (Feel free to slap me when you next see me, I know this is sickening).

I’m also working on a secondary job which is for an incredible new platform which ultimately is going to help unify people and projects from across the world which aim to do something positive for the world. So whether that’s saving the oceans, helping girls gain access to education or helping Africa find its economic feet, they all have a voice that I will be helping amplify. I love it, and it makes my heart light up with excitement.

Comedy has been a little on the back foot this summer, as I have been settling into my new life. I’ve been writing constantly of course, but performances have been a little less frequent. The scene, as I have said before, is really different here and I like playing to lively, splashy, enthusiastic audiences, and I haven’t quite found that yet here. It’s still early days though, and as I am getting more settled in these fundamental ways of job, house, etc, I expect comedy to rise up like a spluttering phoenix from the ashes.

Health (Body)

Health is everything, right? No but really, it is. Physically and mentally, I feel pretty good. In terms of physical health, I’m not as fit as I was, but it’s nothing too urgently pressing. I know I can get back into shape really easily. I just haven’t found a routine yet, which unsettles me a bit, though I do know why. I am moving into my brand new apartment on Saturday (just three days away!) and once I am settled there, I will start to hone a routine.

Mentally speaking, I feel so much happier than I did a few months ago. I have forward momentum, and though I’m telling people with a glint in my eye about my wild ambitions, I absolutely mean them. A few months ago, I was feeling so lost in Berlin. As much as I love my friends there, I wasn’t happy. Tasting this new life, which in many ways is a reduction from Berlin, is so much sweeter. There’s less partying, there’s less wildness, there’s less comedy shows. But there’s way more meaningful relationships, there’s more depth of connection with people and there’s more purpose to everything I am doing. I don’t feel rootless like I did in Berlin, and though I don’t know, still, how long the anchor will have me in Belfast (I’m a nomad at heart I fear) it’s got me for now.

On a very fundamental health level, I am sleeping longer, eating healthily, laughing more, drinking less. I feel happy. Stupid things like my skin, hair and nails have stealthily returned to a healthy condition. This feels good. I feel good.

Heart (Bonks)

Ha. This was absolutely not a priority for me coming back. Let’s get real guys, if you read this blog when I first arrived, it was clear my intentions to stay were at best, wobbly. I went on a few dates with a few people, and although I wasn’t interested in many second dates, they were all really nice guys, and I was really flattered.

HA, I don’t want to write about anything about that here. Draw from that what you want.*

Essentially, guys, you can take my relative infrequency of not updating as current happiness. The world does feel like it’s falling apart of course, and I oftentimes still get seized with the fear of “HOW WILL I ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO IN LIFE BEFORE I EVENTUALLY PERISH?” (Alternative versions of this include; “How will I become a National Treasure in the next 5 years?”, “How will I save the world from consuming itself in a burst of hateful political flames?”, “How will I trick my new landlord into not noticing I have a small dog which I will rescue and train to be the best companion I’ve ever known?” and of course, “How will I manage to contain this current level of happiness whilst also travelling and exploring and meeting new people, all the while keeping my current friendships alive and healthy?”) So, you can see, I’m not without my problems.

All in all, things are good. But, if I’ve learnt anything in this life of unexpected events, it’s that you should never say that you’re feeling happy (read: “I’m okaaaay”) cause then you’ll obviously get bitten on the arse.

Up Next: How Fate Bit Me In The Arse.