The Block Dashboard: Accessible information for the digital asset ecosystem

Michael McCaffrey
Oct 15 · 3 min read

In 2018, The Block was founded to broaden access and reduce misinformation around the buzzing digital asset ecosystem. I joined the team shortly thereafter, inspired by its shared desire to package credible, well-researched information and deliver it simply and seamlessly, a vision summarized well by our original slogan — Crypto Simplified.

Two years later, The Block’s focus on accessibility and on efficiency in delivering information has remained, but our audience’s set of interests has grown, and so has our range of products and content. Today, we maintain the initial commitment to keep it simple whenever we can but now, we also offer premium, comprehensive content in our featured pieces and research reports. Our researchers and reporters work hard to ensure a range of depth across all segments and industries that touch the digital asset ecosystem.

We’ve graduated from a digital news company to an information services firm, seeking to embody a new slogan — The First and Final Word in Digital Assets. But ‘words’ aren’t always written; The Block produces a weekly podcast, hosts frequent webinars, and has (in what now feels like another life) hosted in-person events all with the goal of better informing our audiences. Today, our words take on yet another new format:

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This morning, we launched The Block’s Data Dashboard. In the same vein as The Block’s news and research products, the Data Dashboard aims to surface what is most important amidst the deluge of available information with a curated selection of graphs and visualizations that makes it easier to consume and reference data across the space.

The Dashboard is publicly available through our website, and made embeddable, so that anyone can share the information displayed. It’s our hope that individuals outside of The Block’s walls find this tool simple to use and helpful for producing their own research or data-heavy reporting. The metrics featured are those used by our internal team to gauge trends and inform content. We are eager for our audience to see what we see and view this launch as the next step in equalizing access to quality information.

From our position as an independent information services company, we’ve always appreciated the tremendous amount of work that data providers do for our space. In our pursuit of delivering the very best information, we’ve unified that data internally. Now we are excited to highlight the providers we work with and expand the reach of their insights. The Data Dashboard wouldn’t be possible without our incredible data partners Alchemy, Chainalysis, Coin Metrics, CryptoCompare, Digital Asset Data, Dune Analytics, Flipside Crypto, IntoTheBlock, Kaiko, Skew, The Tie and TradingView. Nor would it be possible without our team, especially Mika Honkasalo, who has worked tirelessly to bring this to life during tumultuous times.

If you’d like to learn more about the data industry, look no further than our The State of the Digital Asset Data and Infrastructure landscape report.

Make sure to check out the data dashboard and please provide feedback or suggestions for new charts to If accelerating the evolution of financial systems excites you, apply to The Block.

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