Award Winners: Part II

The Next Batch of Award Winners

Breakout Player of the Year

  1. Chase Peyton, PF
  2. Jake Easterling, SG
  3. Reggie Williams, PG

This award goes to the player that makes the biggest surprise impact for their team. The breakout player doesn’t have to be a rookie, but often is a less seasoned player that comes out of nowhere to put their mark on the league. With this year being the fourth year of competition for the league, and with many of the players having played from the very first season, it was difficult to see who would end up claiming this award. However, after just the first couple games it became clear who would distinguish themselves as the contenders for the 2017 BPoY.

While multiple players did end up receiving votes, Chase Peyton stood out as the obvious choice for this award. As a rookie, Chase averaged 19.6 PPG and lead the league in rebounding with 15 RPG. Chase posed a mismatch problem for the rest of the league on the boards and was a terror to coral inside. Additionally, he extended his range out to the three-point line and established himself as a legitimate threat to hit open threes from outside (1.4 3PM). Chase came into this season with fairly high expectations, as his team Waffle House looked for him to fill the whole left behind by departing forward Dusty Burgess, and finally be the third offensive option this team has been looking for over the past three years, and Chase was able to live up those expectations and more this season. With him in tow, Waffle House enters the postseason on a two game winning streak, and will be a dangerous match-up for any team they play.

Most Clutch Player of the Year

  1. Reggie Williams, PG
  2. Matt Thomas, PG
  3. Mike Duquette, SF

This award goes to the guy that was willing to put the team on his back in the final moments of close games. Calm under pressure and an unstoppable go to move allows players to play their best when the game is on the line. These players all made plays that allowed their teams to secure victories when the results were in doubt.

Both Reggie and Matt made huge shots this year to propel their teams to victory, but Reggie set himself apart by coming up big almost every week he played. His ability to hit a big three to stifle the other team’s run or get to the basket whenever his team needed a bucket has earned him this award. Additionally, his ability to lock down the other team’s best scorer when the game is closer puts him over the top for this one.

6th Man of the Year

  1. Sean Stearn, SG
  2. James Gibson, PF
  3. Brayden Waters, PF

This award to the player that made the biggest impact for his team off the bench. These players may play less minutes their their starter counterparts, but are still able to have a significant impact on the game. Most teams look to their sixth man for quick scoring and energy after the starters begin to wear down.

Sean set himself apart as the league’s best player off the bench. Though his numbers were not eye-popping at 10.7 PPG 6.7 RPG and 5 APG, his impact on the floor was immeasurable. He allowed his team to gel as a unit and operate the offense at peak efficiency. His ability to hit an outside shot also keeps teams from double-team Reggie and usually pulls the other team’s big man from the paint. His energy and defense allows Space Jam to lock in when the game gets close, and can spare Reggie a few minutes of guarding the other team’s best player.

All-Defensive Team

Cheyne Cunningham, PG

Reggie Williams, PG

Chase Peyton, C

This year’s All-Defensive Team set themselves apart as the best defenders in the league. All of these players are capable of shutting down the others at their position as well completely disrupting the flow of the opposing offense. When their team needs a stop, these are the guys they rely on.