5 Movies

Five. I mean five movies. That’s a lot don’t you think? Keep in mind, we don’t go out to movies all that often. Yeah, I didn’t mention that, did I? We’re talking go out, in-the-theater movies. Stay-at-home movies don’t count. Hell, it could be a year-and-a-half before I get to choose another one.

It’s not Colin Farrell’s fault. I hope she doesn’t think that. I blame John C. Reilly. It was him I heard talking about it. It was him that got me interested. But I should have known something was up. In retrospect, he sounded kind of funny; like he didn’t want to be on the podcast or something. But now I know he was just embarrassed to be in the movie. That’s why his name is buried in the credits. I bet he told them to do that.

Anyway, don’t go see The Lobster. Not if you value your privilege of movie selection from time to time. I’m paying for having made that mistake. Five movies.

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