How to Become a member of The Blue Cat Mag Community

Submissions and Membership

The Blue Cat Magazine is a space created for creative writers who are interested in sharing their stories and interacting with like-minded writers. Here, we love to read everything. We don’t want to limit you. Accordingly, we do not ask you to fit into a certain genre or writing style.

Review time may take a while. We promise that the review process will not modify the content of your stories, but will be limited only to correcting grammar or spelling mistakes.

It goes without saying that you must have a medium account in order to submit your stories.

How do I contribute to The Blue Cat Mag?

First, start with writing your piece.

Second, add a relevant photograph or artwork to your story.

Third, add a number of relevant tags. The magazine’s current tags are Fiction, Poetry, Confessional/Autobiographic Bits. If your story fits into one of the previous tags or more, please try to choose just one tag. You can freely choose the remaining four tags.

Fourth, e-mail us at Write a short introduction about yourself. Add a link to your Medium profile and the link to the Medium story you want to submit.

Finally, become a member at The Blue Cat Mag to communicate and interact with other writers. This would help us build a bigger platform, grow in number and, ultimately, have a wider reader base for our writers.

This publication is created to help aspiring writers be heard. So, please do not hesitate to contact us and submit your kick-ass stories!