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Letter sent on Aug 26, 2016

How to Stop Looking Terrible on Video Calls

How to fix your videoconference face, the cloud logistics behind the ASPCA’s rescue efforts, and a look at Apple’s future


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Future You will thank Past You :)

The Surprising Tech Behind the ASPCA’s Most Daring Rescues
How a rapid response team uses hardcore logistics to rescue thousands of animals per year

Dept. of the Near Future

You look terrible on video calls. Here’s how tech will fix it [Quartz]
Steelcase’s designers have come up with a sci-fi sounding set-up called “The Wormhole” … INTERESTING Reminds us of David Fosters Wallace’s POV on video calling from Infinite Jest

Self-driving cars don’t care about your moral dilemmas [Guardian]
The “trolley problem” is an extreme edge case. PHEW

Ascending Tech Dominates S&P 500 Like No Time Since Dot-Com Bust[Bloomberg]
Computer and software stocks are ~21% of the S&P 500’s value, near a 15-year high. GOOD? BAD?

How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple [Backchannel]
In secret, in very very secret. AMAZING READ

The stuff we really need is getting more expensive. Other stuff is getting cheaper. [Washington Post]
This graph will blow your mind. IMPORTANT

The End of Brawn [The Atlantic]
The future of work will require a lot of empathy and intellect, with a steadily declining need for brute burliness. INTRIGUING

Dept. of Future Lit

What we’re reading at Blueprint right now

Finite and Infinite Games
“The wisdom held in this brief book now informs most of what I do in life. Its key distinction–that there are two types of games, finite and infinite–resolves my uncertainties about what to do next. Easy: always choose infinite games.” — Kevin Kelly

Dept. of Future Pods

What we’re listening to

Can Capitalism Survive an Economic Singularity?
[Review the Future Podcast]

Joel Johnson on Gawker and the Professional Rise of Blogging
[Internet History Podcast]

S2E13: Granger Than Fiction
[Partially Derivative Podcast]

Dept. of Future Gadgets

What we’re coveting

Whyd, a gorgeous Alexa competitor.

Dept. of Future Graphs

This week marks five years of Tim Cook’s stewardship of Apple. In that time, R&D has doubled.

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Image sources: HBO’s Silicon Valley, CBS’s Star Trek

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