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Letter sent on Sep 23, 2016

Wearables, But Only for CEOs

The iMcLaren would be a wearable for the 1%, the 8 immutable laws of working in the future, and algorithms that pamper the hell out of you

BLUEPRINT // the future of work // ISSUE #6 SEPTEMBER 23, 2016


Like everybody’s favorite one-meme wonder once sang, it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Pretty sure she was singing about this newsletter. Speaking of which! This week has seen some interesting #futureofwork news.

Not least: Apple is rumored to be in talks to acquire McLaren. Some folks say Apple’s really after McLaren Applied Tech, the car co.’s consulting arm that applies racing tech to other industries. Writing in Blueprint, Ian Frisch says an iMcLaren would become an extension of the office — “a wearable for CEOs.” Inspired writing, check it out.

Also in Blueprint this week: our globetrotting columnist Faris has a wildly interesting piece on The 8 Immutable Laws of the Future of Work (Hofstadter’s Law! The Lake Wobegon Effect!). Read that, be smarter at your next meeting.

Looking forward,

Dept. of Future Possibilities

What we’re reading

There’s an algorithm that predicts what wealthy people want at luxury hotels. Turns out, it’s more breakfast options [Buzzfeed]. A consulting firm combined machine learning with scraping TripAdvisor reviews, revealing nuances in customer feedback that changed marketing and service strategies at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Algorithms: they’ll pamper the hell out of you.

The average vehicle is used only 4% of the time and parked the other 96%. Our cities are built around the automobile [Medium], says Lyft co-founder John Zimmer (a reality also lamented by the late, great Jane Jacobs in The Death and Life of Great American Cities). Zimmer’s predictions for the next ten years: 1. autonomous fleets of vehicles; 2. private car ownership dies; and 3. cities’ built environments will change. A fascinating vision.

Dept. of New Tools

New software we’re excited about

Radical Candor is a new app that aims to improve working relationships through radically candid feedback. Funded by the Slack Fund. Just seeing the graph below has changed how we speak with co-workers.

Obnoxious Aggression™ is what happens when you challenge but don’t care. Ruinous Empathy™ is what happens when you care but don’t challenge. Manipulative Insincerity™ is what happens when you neither care nor challenge.

Dept. of Who to Follow on Twitter

Future of work thought leaders we’re keen on this week

Dept. of Future Graphs

What we’re sharing

Fundamental skills don’t change, but some gain priority over others as you move into the c-suite.

Dept. of Goodbyes

Adios, friend. Thanks for hanging out. As always, be a dear and follow Blueprint on twitter . We’re more fun than a barrel of push pins.

Meeting adjourned!

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