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President Trump insisted that he loves freedom, but he is definitely a better dictator.

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The Debate Stage

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (The Blunt Ogre) — During the final Presidential debate on Thursday night, former VP Joe Biden suggested that President Trump could not be an effective dictator.

Trump quickly retorted by saying, “Not true, I mean, I believe in Freedom and I love American freedom, nobody is more of a champion of American freedom than I am, I mean I’m the guy that’s always said nobody is better than America, especially when it comes to freedom, because freedom and America are, you know, the same really, I mean really we’re the same, one in the same, America and freedom, and American freedom is, really, one in the same and one and the same, we’re both, it’s best kind of freedom out there, other people think that they have freedom but once they experience American freedom they realize that ‘woah! …

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Are we seriously living in a world where everyone is making it?

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I don’t have any facts for this one, and no links to any source information. This article is straight from the hip, spewed from the gut, dropped like something that just came out of the oven, but we forgot to use an oven mitt.

Why are all writers on the digital platforms today so happy? Didn’t writers use to be extremely angst-ridden and full of despair? Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I remember writers being people who were disturbed by life, by the horrors that people committed against each other?

Has the internet fixed this depression, or is it just forcing it into hiding? …

How the Democratic Speaker managed to cause the superspreader event that rocked the White House.

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SAN FRANCISCO (The Blunt Ogre) — At a recent press conference with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat revealed that recent conspiracy theories floating around Twitter were actually true. Pelosi admitted that those who have accused the Democrats of being responsible for Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis were, in fact, correct.

Pelosi went on to explain how she alone was primarily behind the plot to make sure Donald Trump contracted covid-19.

“What’s being said on Twitter is actually true, I basically masterminded the entire thing,” Pelosi told reporters, and further stated, “I knew that by telling the President that he should wear a mask, that he would not, thus making it inevitable that he would catch Covid-19.” …

A prophecy from the prolific Gil-Scott Heron deciphered for the events of today

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Oftentimes used as a famous catchphrase or a hook in several rap songs or movies, the infamously prophetic poem turned song that was written by the extraordinarily influential and undercelebrated poet and musician Gil-Scott Heron, is now playing out in real-time.

As a kid, I probably heard the words “the revolution will not be televised” at least 100 times, as a joke, at parties, or as a summation of a semi-deep discussion amongst adults who were under the influence of alcohol.

Today, these words are no longer just a slogan for social capital, and I am now wondering if Heron actually gave us a crucial indicator as to when events will no longer be contained, and instead become truly revolutionary. …

The current political climate has left many politically homeless.

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Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

Many voters in America are absolutely outraged by the public antics of President Donald Trump and proclaim that they will vote for absolutely anyone over him. On the other side of the aisle, fervent Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge any of the President’s most terrifying flaws and insist that all of the negative information in the media about him is the result of a leftist conspiracy.

I fall somewhere in between those two extremes. Consider me a swing voter.

As it stands now, I cannot say for certain who I will vote for in the 2020 election, or if I will even vote at all. If I don’t vote, it will be the first time in my life that I will abstain from voting in a Presidential election. I am not alone, as millions of Americans have grown disillusioned with both political parties, and detest most candidates, including the sitting President. …

Voters really need to stop confusing Nordic social democracy with socialism.

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Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash

Millions of Bernie Sanders supporters now openly decry capitalism as inherently evil and call for the adoption of what they label democratic socialism.

The reason for this is because Senator Sanders has described himself as a believer in democratic socialism, an ideology that believes in a socialist economy whereby the means of production are socially and collectively owned or controlled, alongside a democratically elected government.

There’s just one problem though, Bernie Sanders isn’t a real socialist.

Not for the one-percent

Many economists and journalists have noted that Sanders’s views aren’t really socialist, and rather are based on tax-funded social benefits rather than social ownership of the means of production. Sanders philosophies really are better described as social democracy and social welfare, which are political and social ideologies rather than economic. …

Unexpected revelations about the Mueller Report leave many conservatives uncertain of what to do next.

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Photo by Jørgen Håland on Unsplash

GRAND RAPIDS (The Blunt Ogre) — At a recent political town hall meeting in Michigan, several Trump supporters admitted that they were “surprised” to learn that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report did not actually exonerate President Donald Trump.

Trump voter Katie Garnet said that she went to the town hall held by Congressman Justin Amash in order to confront him on his incorrect view that Trump should be impeached. She further explained that “Amash clearly had been brainwashed by fake news from the fake media, and I decided I needed to show up tell him just how wrong he was.”

However, Ms. …

What many on both sides of the argument are missing.

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Image by Barbara Rosner from Pixabay

In April, I wrote a satire article titled The Real Reason We Need To Ban Abortion Now, in which I adopted a rather wicked perspective that considered human suffering and death as acceptable costs for creating American jobs.

In this article, I am not employing satire. Instead, this is a call to action for both sides of the abortion debate to start focusing on the actual causes of unwanted pregnancies, and the implications that they have for society.

While everyone has been busy screaming at each other over a woman’s right to choose, the most important issue regarding abortion is being largely neglected. …

But what are we really talking about anyway?

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Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

After decades of being a verboten ideology, socialism is now being heralded as a solution to the problems of America. Many in the mass media, politicians both old and new, and droves of well known social media personalities have all been vocally in favor of the United States adopting some form of socialism.

For many in America, capitalism just simply doesn’t seem to be working

Capitalism is now under attack by proponents of democratic socialism, the ideological darling which is now popular due primarily to the plight of many millennials and younger people.

I hated red until I found out it was blue

Many young people in America today have grown up with a distaste for an economic system that they view as unforgiving and all-consuming. This perception has been compounded by rapidly increasing wealth inequality, crushing student loans, and dramatic increases in the cost of living. …


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