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Who Should I Vote For?

The current political climate has left many politically homeless.

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Society & Civil Liberties

I consider myself a conservative but yet I detest the weaponizing of personal responsibility, as it is a rubbish notion that everyone’s personal circumstance is entirely the result of their own decisions and work ethic. While I believe in personal wealth, self-reliance and individualism, I am not a strong supporter of corporatism or extreme privatization, and I further believe that regulation is needed in order to prevent the formation of oligarchs and monopolies.

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Capitalism vs. Socialism

As an economic system, Capitalism has allowed for unparalleled innovation and improvement to the human condition. Many critics of capitalism consider it to merely have won the war of ideas against socialism, but that simplistic view ignores the reality that there is no such thing as a pure Capitalist system. Furthermore, the current version of institutional capitalism and corporatism in America is a relatively recent development and is not a natural byproduct of free-market activity.

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I am a staunch environmentalist and adamant supporter of protecting lands, resources and reducing pollution. I hold that we should believe in science, and the science clearly demonstrates that the climate is indeed changing as a result of human activity. Therefore, I contend that government policies must be implemented in an attempt to slow or reverse the changes that we have caused to the ecosystems of the planet.

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Federal Government and Taxation

I support the notion of a small and limited federal government, the elimination of personal income tax, and increased power to individual states. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a federal government to tax private citizens, and I believe that all taxation for federal funds should be entirely between the state and federal governments.

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Family Values & Planning

I believe that society should strive to be one where monogamy is the most desired outcome, and where marriage is celebrated and cherished. I believe this because a society that accepts and normalizes impulsive behavior is a society where it is precarious to raise children. In my mind, an ideal society ought to be focused on children, rather than the excitement and stimulating experience of individuals.

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Labor and Discrimination

Federal labor law is oftentimes obstructive and erroneous, and should, therefore, be eliminated. In other words, matters of workplace harassment should not be a federal issue, and rather should be governed by laws of individual states.

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Privacy & Media

I don’t believe that the fourth amendment provides Americans with the right to privacy, and I don’t believe that privacy is a priority. I do not believe in the right to privacy for people who are asking for support from taxpayers or are in a job where they are responsible for peoples lives or the well-being of others.

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Immigration and Refugees

I believe that America should welcome talented immigrants from friendly countries, but I think it should deny the entrance of unskilled citizens from hostile nations. Furthermore, I believe that it is important that a basic level of English be demonstrated before a long term stay visa is issued. The path to becoming a full citizen of the USA is long and difficult, and I believe it should stay that way, however, I believe that the government should offer free education for accomplishing this to those who are productive members of society.

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