#000 — The Re-Animation


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Introduction to the show/hosts:

@thebodytheblood on Twitter

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thebodytheblood/

Blake I. Collier — @blakeicollier on Twitter
Ian Olson — @iancessant on Twitter
Andy Whitfield — @Hilibofas on Twitter

Information and Discussion:

After a lengthy hiatus, we were approached by the wonderful website and podcast network, Reel World Theology, to bring our show to their podcast roster. With this opportunity on the table, Ian, Andy and Blake decided to restart and restructure the show.

Instead of two separate episodes, every two weeks, we will be moving to one episode a month — coming out on the last day of each month — at around an hour to an hour and a half long. Each episode will consist of a discussion of two films: a recent film, most of which will be selected from those films that come out during the year of our recording and an older horror film that has a similar theme or construct that will be paired with it.

This discussion will be had between Ian, Andy and Blake, but we may have a guest join us as well from time to time. This will make up most of each podcast episode. The remainder of the podcast will include an interview or dialogue with a special guest. These guests will come from all walks of life: lovers and haters of horror, those within the horror industry such as filmmakers and writers and fellow Reel World Theology hosts and writers. As the show grows, we aim to get increasingly higher profile interviews.

Just in case you are worried we are not bringing anything over from our last incarnation, rest assured that we will still be discussing our best kills and doing a Twitter review for each film.

On this introductory episode, we talk about why we love horror, what the genre means to us, and why we all find it to be important.

Then we discuss what scared each of us the most in our life. We end the episode talking about our hopes for the life of the podcast and the potential for it in the future as we team up with Reel World Theology!

The End.

Check out all of the terrific content on film and TV over at Reel World Theology, where entertainment is not mindless.

Our opening and closing themes were created by friend of the show, Jeff Hansen. You can find him @GwarfJansen on Twitter.

Our podcast artwork was created by friend of the show, Scott Kelly. You can find him @scoke15 on Twitter.

Next Episode: #001: Stay Woke and Get Out w/ Eons D (Friday, March 31, 2017)