Credit: Ali DAB DAB

The World We Control

Humans are the noblest living creatures. We are better in understanding the environment than the animals. We learn it and process it as information and respond it.

What is sound? The Sound is just a wave. The wave that we detect with our ear and send it to the brain as information. And our brain processes it into information that we can understand as we know it as sound. We learn the patterns of the sounds, even we make patterns of them into meaningful sounds. We make languages with sounds. We express love with sounds. We express hate with sounds. We entertain people with sounds. We hurt people with sounds.

Do you know what color actually is? It’s just small particles that act as waves with certain wavelengths that hit you all the time. Then our brain processes these particles that come into our eyes into something that we call as colors, based on their wavelength. We turn something that supposed to hurt us into something beautiful.

My friend told me that I wouldn’t finish my thesis in the seventh semester, that’s just impossible, he said. I didn’t let myself down because of it, but I took it as a motivation instead. Now, hell what. He hasn’t started his thesis yet.

There is a quote like this but I don’t know who propose it first.

We can’t control the external. But we can control our internal how to respond it.

If you are a shy person, the problem is in yourself. You fail to perceive the environment. Think again what shyness is. Take off your shirt and lie on the roadside. Does this kind of act make people hurting you mentally? Nope. You hurt yourself by thinking what would people say about you. Even if they say you’re crazy, it won’t make you crazy.

You think too much about other people’s opinion who don’t care about you. If you think they don’t like you, get rid of them. Don’t be crazy because of their feeling towards you, unless you let them.

The world we control enough to make us happy.
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