A Little Bit of Politics

Ted Cruz is the ambition.

Nothing to do with Music, Advertising or Running today — unless we count Ted Cruz running away from Texas.

A lot of people outside of the US don’t understand how Donald Trump could have become president and after four years of utter contempt for almost everyone still register 72m votes and come incredibly close to another term.

Surely, the people say, Americans can see through the facade, see how he is just interested in himself and financial gain at the expense of others?

Here’s the thing. They do. And they love it.

That’s what they want. Half the country has been so indoctrinated by greed and a lack of compassion that their ambition is to make enough money so that they can be like Donald Trump. It’s the ultimate form of personal capitalism. Any policy that helps them as in individual — regardless of whether that hurts someone else — will get their thumbs up.

Of course there are some people who actively seek to harm others, but I honestly believe that is a small minority. It’s just a case of me first and well if someone else has to suffer, that’s just how it is. No hard feelings. Some of my best friends are just like you.

So Ted Cruz will not suffer any real blowback over his trip to Cancun during the Texas freeze, because there are enough people who think, ‘good on you, if I had that kind of money, I’d be on that plane too. How do I get that money?’ It doesn’t matter that Cruz’s job is to actually be there. That’s way, way down the list.

Visiting Chris Christie when Christie closed all the beaches. Imagine that kind of power. Worth fighting for.

In fact the next gaggle of politicians will look at Ted Cruz and the other grifters and think. Maybe I should become a senator?

So we don’t get less Trumps and Cruz’s, we get more.

Good times.




The Boltzmann Brain is a theory in physics that proposes that due to the infinite nature of the universe it is likely that there is another brain exactly the same, down to every last thought, as yours somewhere out there. These are daily briefings for that brain.

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