Brand Wars

I’m in a fight with Coinbase at the moment. I’m not sure why but the platform that deals in crypto currency seems unable to perform many of it’s core functions. I *think* it’s just that a lot of people are dealing crypto right now and they are snowed under, but there is a part of me that thinks it might be one big scam and they are making off with people’s profits.

There is a coinbase reddit forum full of people like me with stories of woe. And of course other redditors taking joy in the fact that we can’t get to our money. The ‘I would never do it like that’ gang.

I have this uneasy feeling that some of the messages on reddit and twitter are going to end up in a documentary. It happened with Fyre Fest and Theranos. It’s not exactly an out there thought to think it could happen with coinbase. In many ways defrauding on crypto is much much easier than what Elizabeth Harmon did with Theranos.

The coinbase branding is incredibly similar to another startup I use — Buy Music Club. They both have a blue and white lower case c. Buy Music Club is a neat little plug in that allows the user to make playlists on Bandcamp. OK, this is very niche, but that’s what makes the internet so great. They’ll never make any money I wouldn’t have thought but with the Long Tail there exists a few people like me who listen to a lot of music. And occasionally that music is not on any of the major streaming platforms but is on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp is all about individual artists and songs rather than playlists so there is no native way to create a playlist. But on Buy Music Club you paste a BC URL and it creates a playlist.

It’s cool. I like it. It feels like early internet hacks.

So right now I keep a coinbase tab open to see if my account has been unlocked and I can get to my filthy moolah. And I also have a tab of Buy Music Club open so that when I’m browsing on Bandcamp I can cut and paste straight aways. They both sit to the far right of browser becasue they are not work.

But because they look the same I can never figure out which is which. So when I hear a great tune that makes me happy and I want to save it I end up hitting Coinbase and seeing the eternal Account Under Review pop up I then get mad.

One of these fuckers needs to change their branding.



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