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Yesterday Boris Johnson announced the dates for the UK getting out of lockdown but the real story was Daft Punk announcing that after 28 years they were splitting up.

Eulogies abound on their catalogue. My personal take is that the only Daft Punk record that I actually own is Homework. By 1996 I had stopped buying records so when I say record I mean CD. I had stopped Djing by then too. Apart from the odd birthday or office party at which point all my old records would do the job.

Homework felt like one of very few dance or house or however we should describe that music that was a real album. Leftfield’s Leftism was another one. It was not just a bunch of house tunes it had a flow to it.

Since Homework Daft Punk obviously exploded. There is a huge part of music snobs like myself that don’t like anything too popular. That’s partly true for Daft Punk’s more popular work but I also find it a bit too formulaic. I can appreciate the pop genius behind Lucky but I prefer the funk to the Da Funk.

A tweet was doing the rounds yesterday that explained the sample — really actually the whole freaking structure — to One More Time.

No doubt that is a genius use of sampling but to me the real revelation was the video that explains it. It’s such a clear use of graphic and sound to explain something incredibly complex. It has a great arc to it. At the start, the viewer is thinking WTF am I watching here, before the recognition kicks in and the prize is revealed.

Brilliant storytelling, expertly realised. One thousand hand clap emojis.

If I was still running a creative dept in a big multi-national ad agency where we obsessed on turning bad work into good award entries rather than doing good work to begin with I would hire this person to do all my films.

Oh and Daft Punks end video was pretty good too.




The Boltzmann Brain is a theory in physics that proposes that due to the infinite nature of the universe it is likely that there is another brain exactly the same, down to every last thought, as yours somewhere out there. These are daily briefings for that brain.

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