“I’m Going to Star Media”

The ultimate F**k You. The ultimate act of betrayal.

If you haven’t watched Call My Agent on Netflix yet none of this will make any sense. You should. It is brilliant. Especially if you work in Advertising or any kind of creative industry.

Call My Agent portrays all the office dynamics of a creative agency absolutely perfectly. The two episodes that feature the Cannes Film Festival are eerily similar to what life was like working in a big global New York ad agency. The depths some people would plummet to, just to get a ticket to the South France was astonishing.

Throughout the four seasons StarMedia is the recurring enemy. Losing a client to StarMedia was unforgivable. But leaving to go work there was….even worse. When working in agencies there is usually one particular agency that you hated losing work or people too. Everyone has their own StarMedia.

If I could actually make ideas rather than just come up with them, I would make a StarMedia t-shirt immediately. I did a quick search and there doesn’t seem to be a StarMedia fan logo anywhere.

Maybe something like this — but with an actual star. Maybe for the A, maybe just at the end?

“I’m leaving for Starmedia”, could become the ultimate ‘fuck you’, the best passive aggressive middle finger anyone in the creative industry could serve up their boss as they swing out the door.

In related news we are currently working with a celeb and their agent at Avalon. One of the things in Call My Agent is the sheer amount of clients the agents have. Whether it’s Juliette Binoche or some small-time has been. They all require time. Having a quick look at the Avalon site and this seems to ring true. Below is just one quarter of the talent they have — my laptop couldn’t take a big enough screen grab of all their clients.

We are — fingers crossed — shooting with one of these people in the next few weeks.

More soon.




The Boltzmann Brain is a theory in physics that proposes that due to the infinite nature of the universe it is likely that there is another brain exactly the same, down to every last thought, as yours somewhere out there. These are daily briefings for that brain.

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