The Boltzmann Briefs

The Boltzmann Brain is a theoretical idea developed by Austrian physiscist Ludwig Boltzmann. His theory states that because the universe (and all the other things beyond our known universe) is infinite then it is statistically more likely that there is another brain that has the exact same thoughts that your brain does, than not. I picked up this idea reading, The Theory of Jerks and Other Philosophical Misadventures, by Eric Schwitzgebel. He likens the idea to there being another person, or being, or thing, that is observing you 24/7. He then gets into some interesting ideas on who is the real you — but we’ll save that for another time.

I have been reading a few old notebooks over the ‘holidays’ — or whatever it is we should call this period where we are not officially working but we are certainly not holidaying. It’s very clear to me that I should write down more ideas and observations. When I do that, good (well, better) things happen. I always thought that being a good creative was just about connecting dots. The more dots you have the more interesting those connections can become.

So I’m going to write a daily blog of potential dots. I guess Medium is still essentially blogging. I was originally going to call this No Days Off after the annual campaign that my buddies at Tracksmith run each year. But a) I will definitely take some days off, and b) I don’t like copying good ideas.

If you want amazing running gear look no further.

I’m essentially good at three things; advertising, running and playing records. The Boltzmann Briefs are going to be notes to myself — or another brain like me — to make me remember things that will benefit the pursuit of these three interests.

If they are helpful to you in any way then that’s a happy bonus.

I’ll start properly on January 4th. I need a few days off between now and then.

Happy New Year.


Jan 2021.



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