The Circular Economy

Or the rationale behind ‘Treat Yo’Self’.

On Monday night I watched Arsenal vs Newcastle. I always ask my son what he thinks the score is going to be as he has a knack for making good predictions. I then put a little bet on — just for fun.

I did this again on Monday. What is interesting with football right now is that literally anything could happen in any game so there are some good opportunities to make money if you get lucky.

When Arsenal beat Chelsea 3–1 I had a bet on that they would win 3–0. That was at 66–1. Ok, Asrenal were going through a bad patch but those are ridiculous odds — especially for a home game. I was one very tight Tammy Abrahams offside decision from a decent payout.

I did win on a 4–0 bet against West Brom. Again the odds were very good. But anything can happen.

On Monday I saw a 3–0 with Aubamayang to score first at 22–1. That seemed like good odds too. So I bet a pound. I know, last of the big spenders. But just as I was about to confirm everything my other son tried to grab my phone and in doing so changed the bet from £1 to £19. In a split second I thought, ‘maybe that’s a good omen, fuck it, I’ll leave it’.

And I’m glad I did. Arsenal did indeed win 3–0 with Auba scoring first. I won £437. By far the most I have ever won.

Next morning I was listening to Glitter Gaze by Flavien Berger which along with Gilded Gaze is one of my all time favourite tunes. It’s an expensive record on Discogs — around 50 quid. I did a quick search and found a re-release on HMV for £34. That’s still quite a lot of money for a record. But I see it more as an artefact than the music itself. I have this dream of running a club somewhere warm and I play that song to end the night, every night, without fail. It’s fifteen minutes long!

So, I bought the record. I had 437 quid of free money. When I play it I’ll tell the story to my kids. And maybe one day they’ll play the record to end off a club somewhere warm.

What goes around comes around. My idea of the circular economy.



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