The Spirit of the Internet Is Alive And Well.

On a forum for record nerds.

I recently joined the Test Pressing Forum. Test Pressing has been going since 2008. It’s site that originally posted a load of great Balearic (Ibiza) mixes. But as the web site says has now:

expanded to a modern ‘anything goes’ attitude. We promote music that we find interesting and inspiring and share that which we feel passionate about.

It’s one of those quirks of the modern internet in that I follow Test Pressing on all sorts of social media. I regularly listen to their mixes on Spotify and Mixcloud, I buy their books. But I don’t think I ever spend anytime on their actual website.

Last month they launched a forum. The idea being that record nerds like to chat with other record nerds about records — in an intelligent and civilized manner. This is from the forum:

A Civilized Place for Public Discussion

Our culture at Test Pressing is built on what we do and what we care about. This forum should need no moderation as it should self-moderate under an umbrella of good nature and people sharing and discussing things that matter.

And there is a lot of chat about records. One post about that balearic songs are suitable for kids goes pretty deep.

But there is also a lot of non-record chat. One post about moving out of London was really popular. To be clear not everyone lives in London. I posted something about a Turkish Acid House mix I like and someone from Turkey replied. But…..Paul who runs TP is from London and there is a London Sound that TP like it or not sort of represents. So, yeah, lots of people from London. The post threw up lots of great stories of peoples lives. One reply about a family who have moved to Cornwall, thinking it would be idyllic but their daughter was consistently bullied at school and they never integrated. This was a real story, about real life, on the internet.

I’ve been thinking about starting a radio station — Long Story — and so posted for any advice on that. For the first few days crickets. No one replied. It was one of the only topics on the site with no replies. As we are conditioned by insta and the like for instant gratification I started feeling a bit down about that. Don’t these people like me? Was that a stupid question? I thought about deleting the post. Again — we are so conditioned by other social media that we start thinking like that.

But then after a few days some people started chiming in. A few people who run stations offered their advice. Paul connected me with the people who run the fabulous Amateurism Radio. And now I have a solid understanding of what’s needed. Watch this space.

I got quality advice from a handful of quality people. This wasn’t instant, there was no mass take up of this idea. I think the post got 3 likes. But once we shift our mindset from quantity to quality and seek out alternatives to FB and what not then the original spirit of the internet, niche communities connecting in a positive way, is well and truly alive.




The Boltzmann Brain is a theory in physics that proposes that due to the infinite nature of the universe it is likely that there is another brain exactly the same, down to every last thought, as yours somewhere out there. These are daily briefings for that brain.

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