Where Do We Go From Here?

For as long as I can remember I start off each working week listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.

I’m quite anal about my Spotify algorithm. All kids music goes through Amazon Music or YouTube. Over the years this has paid dividends. My weekly playlist is usually very very solid. On average I save around 3 to 4 tracks each week. This is the second highest piece of praise I can give a track. Buying it is the first.

So on Monday mornings I play this little game. I base how well the week ahead is going to go based on the first song on the playlist. Now bearing in mind I have already said that this playlist is pretty fucking strong, I’m really setting myself up for a good week because there are very few duds on the list and what are the chances that there is a dud as the first song. As an aside I am not sure that the Spotify algorithm starts and ends with different songs. Does it understand the real dynamics of a great mixtape mixtape or is the order random.

I like to think the first song is a little more special than the other 29 or 28 — if we assumer that the same dynamic works for the last song on the list. I do often get the feeling that the last song is a bit different from the middle. If you are a Spotify nerd I would love to know more about this.

But the point is this. What the fuck happens when you start the week with a song like, ‘I Trawl the Megahertz’ by Prefab Sprout?


Have listen to all 22 minutes of this. Then tell me how I am supposed to think clearly about the week ahead.



The Boltzmann Brain is a theory in physics that proposes that due to the infinite nature of the universe it is likely that there is another brain exactly the same, down to every last thought, as yours somewhere out there. These are daily briefings for that brain.

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