3 ways we care about your baby photos

On the surface of things, many photo editing apps can look the same. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a special few, including Adorable, that do some important things to really care for your photos.

With Adorable we started with the desire to produce the highest quality editing for your baby photos and deliver a beautiful experience. It matters to us because we don’t think you deserve any less.

Here’s 3 important things that make a real difference to your baby photos:

1. You’ll always know how old baby is.

When we save your edited image we ensure that important information like the date, time and location are kept with the photo. This way, even if you edit a photo from last week or last year, it will still be saved with the correct data. Other apps remove this data which completely messes with your precious memories. We do it right!

2. You’ll always get the best quality image.

When we save your edited image we always give you the largest possible image size. Many other apps just produce a low-resolution image which is okay for sharing on Instagram but really bad for anything else. These things can be hard to see on your mobile phone but when you want to print or do anything with your photos you’ll want to have the highest-resolution images possible. We do that!

3. We help to keep them stay organised.

Keeping track of your edited photos can often be a bit of a pain. With Adorable we automatically save your edited photos into an ‘Adorable’ album in the main Photos app. There you’ll find all your edited pics, all neatly organised. Just a little bit of order in the craziness of parenthood!

Your baby deserves the very best and so do your baby photos. And it’s these little details in Adorable that we think matter a whole lot, even if they’re not always immediately obvious.

Adorable is available for free on the App Store for iPhone & iPad.

P.S. If you also care about your photos, we recommend using an app like Metapho (free download). After installing on your iOS device you’ll be able to see the metadata with all your photos and easily check things like image resolution, date, time & location.