Book Review: The Breathing Method (The Different Seasons-Winter)

Author: Stephen King
Language: English
Verdict: OKish

This the tale of winter of the four novellas in Stephen King’s different season.

As I started reading this book, I was overcome with nostalgia. As the story begins I was introduced to an old man, the narrator, who was going to a gentleman’s club to listen a tale. I knew immediately it is going to be eerie.

I was reminded of the ghost stories, narrated by Boroda, a frequent character from Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay’s short stories. My mind went back to all the stories that I enjoyed, where a group of people got together and enjoyed a tale or two. I was so expectant.

And then the story got elongated with unnecessary side stories and technical details, I started to lose patience. When the intended story began I was already bored. It had potential you see, a doctor was telling a story of an unmarried mother (it was around 1930s), whom he met when he was young and trying out many new techniques to ease the discomfort of a childbirth. Then the story goes very technical and ends with an anticlimax.

It was not scary. Although I felt a bit of chill when I thought about the decapitated but breathing head while standing in the balcony at that night, and somewhere near a cat started to howl. Anyway, I think that would have been a natural response with or without this story.

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