Book Review: The Girl on the Train

Author: Paula Hawkins
Language: English
Verdict: Awesome
What a book! A mystery novel, with a Hitchcocky touch, complex characters, twists and turns, nail-biting moments and it keeps you guessing till the end.

It’s a story of a lonely girl Rachel, who had everything a year back, own house, a loving husband, a good job. She lost everything to her drinking. She is alone now, staying with a friend, who is kind enough to let her stay with her. She has also lost her job, but she is too embarrassed to tell that to her friend. So, she commutes every morning by the 8:04 slow train from Ashbury to Euston to her former workplace London and spends the day wandering and far too often, drinking.

On the way, there is a house, just next to the railway tracks. There lives a pretty girl Jess with her husband Jason. No, Rachel does not know them, but she has to call them by some names. She is obsessed by them; she waits every day to get a glimpse of them. And then one day she sees something, something she should not have seen. No not a murder, but something she needs to tell Jason.

And the thrill begins…

It is a great story and I loved it. I am also waiting eagerly for the movie, which supposed to release end of 2016.

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