My Failed 50 Book Challenge 2015

I don’t remember now what was my first ever fiction; it was a long time ago. Although I do remember the first book I bought from Kolkata Book Fair. It was life work of Sukumar Roy. Then came Satyajit Ray, Upendrakishore Roy Chawdhuri, Lila Majumder and a whole lot more.

After college there was long period when I scarcely read any book. And after I became a mother it was a whole lot trickier to read any book other than a pictured one. Here I should thank Amazon for helping me out. With Kindle and e-books it became easier to squeeze in books in all the spare minutes I can manage.

One may wonder why do people read books? My reason is simple, I get to experience another life, emotion and experience. I can live as many lives I want to. And thus, books give me salvation from my day-to-day life and rejuvenate me.

Now I should talk about the 50 book challenge. It is as follows:

50 Book Challenge 2015
Actually no one challenged me in particular, but kind of voluntarily took it upon me and I failed.

below are the list of the books I was able to finish this year (2015).

Books I read

There are few more which I could not put into any of the above categories, they are:

Few more books I read this year
I have finished total 36 books this year. It is not 50 but I guess it is a pretty good number.
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