Review: Amazon Kindle

Before I start expressing my feelings about the books I read, I would like to jot down my thoughts about myKindle. I know, to many of the readers, a kindle can never replace a physical book. One can never get the touch, the feel, the smell. Yet, after giving it a lot of thought, I came to a conclusion that I am actually not very particular about the means, rather the contents. I am happy as long as I am able to read a book, by whatever means it is.

To me kindle has all positives – let me list them one by one:

  • Books always stay as good as new. No more doggy-ears, creases, tears or aging. This is very important to me; I like my books clean and crisp.
  • No one wants to borrow a book. Even if I lend a book it is for 15 days only ☺ . The best part — returning is automatic.
  • I can carry as many books possible and that number is large. Moreover, I can read them in every possible device or over the cloud.
  • Books get delivered immediately and I do not need to visit a store.
  • A lot of classics are free!
  • I buy books with a large discount.
  • All my books weigh very less even though they may have thousands of pages
  • I know beforehand how long will it take to finish a chapter
  • Very easy to handle.
  • Thick books are less intimidating, because I cannot see how fat they are.

Now I should give at least one con… Bengali books are not available in kindle format ☹ .

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