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Hello, fellow reader. We’re just a bunch of book lovers who love writing about books. Fiction and non-fiction are both welcome. Why not pour a coffee or tea and join us?

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You Can’t Control Things

How do you get out of depression? Here’s my story on how I did, in a metamorphic sense.

When You’ve Outgrown A Past Identity

Woman with light skin, dark brown hair and a tongue piercing smiling to the camera and sticking out her tongue.

Be the biggest stake holder in your process of personal growth!


I Know Cool People : How Fatima Found Her SoulCircle

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J.D Rehbein-Wrightstein

J.D Rehbein-Wrightstein

“Content is written for a global audience not bound by time or place.” — J.D Rehbein-Wrightstein, illustrator, writer, and the founder of The Savytech articles

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Labor of Love : My alone times were spent writing, every emotion.

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