7 Steps to More Medium Income for 2021

Plus, how to set yourself up for the future

August Birch
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4 min readJul 27, 2021


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We’ve passed the halfway mark, but 2021 is far from over. While Medium is no stranger to constant change, there are a few substantial fence posts you can plant to help increase your Medium income this year and all the others.

These are the same strategies I use to cover my mortgage automatically each month.

There are seven steps to the process. Each step helps build the infrastructure around your creative practice.

When you build this infrastructure, whatever happens to the partner program, curation, or discovery won’t affect your business as much.

The partner program is only part of this method. A small part. Where you might earn pennies per read on Medium, that same reader might be worth $1,500 (or more) on your email list.

Let’s get to the seven steps…

7 steps to more Medium $

  1. Choose who you serve — Start with people. If you want to do well with Medium and build a thriving creative practice from Medium, choose who you want to serve first. Everything builds from who.
  2. Create a small Easy Invite — A valuable, email-based masterclass, worth buying. This is one solution to one problem, delivered over seven daily emails.
  3. Build one entry-level offer — This is the offer that may eventually pay your mortgage automatically, every month.
  4. Open an account with an ESP — If you want to do well on Medium, you need email. If you want to do well with email, you need an email service providers.
  5. Build a landing page for your Easy Invite — This is a single-purpose web page, where the reader has one choice — subscribe or not. There’s nothing else to click.
  6. Develop a One-Liner for readers to click — Test different combinations. Choose a single sentence they encourages the most people to subscribe to your Easy Invite.



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