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Adventures in Self-Publishing

Tips and tricks to sell your ebook on Kindle

Akshay Gajria
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14 min readAug 23, 2021


On 21 May 2021, I published my first ebook on Amazon Kindle using KDP. I went into it with little idea except for second-hand knowledge. My friends had been doing it, and it seemed to be working well for them and I wanted in on that action. Ever since then, it has been a learning process of all the things I did right and all the things I did wrong. I’m hoping to list them all down here for me to remember and share them with everyone.

Note: I’ve also co-written a biography which is self-published by the author (launching in September 2021). While it’s strictly not my book as my name isn’t on the cover, I’m highly involved with all the decisions regarding the book and it’s marketing and that experience may have bled in here. 

When you are publishing your ebook on Kindle there are three major things you need to do.

  1. Write Your Book
    - Editing and Proofreading
    - Book Compiling
  2. Research
    - Keywords
    - Category
    - Book Cover
    - Book Synopsis
  3. Marketing
    - Pre-Launch
    - Post-Launch
    - KDP Select

Let’s dive deeper:

Write Your Book

Writing your book includes you actually sitting down to write. And completing it. I know a lot of writers who struggle with the latter. Me included. I’m not going to tackle how to write a book in this piece.

But there are components to writing a book and finishing it that requires more than just writing it. They require:

1. Editing and proofreading

Assuming you have a book written down, it’s not done yet. It’s a great idea to get an editor to check your work. A friend’s proofreading eye helps. But getting a proper editor and paying for their services is a good idea, irrespective. As much as we focus on the self part of self-publishing, don’t. We, as writers, are so close to our work, we get desensitized to the mistakes and errors in our writing. It is always better to have someone else vet through it.

2. Book compiling

When compiling the book, you can do it in your word processor of choice. But I recommend using Kindle…