Give So Much Value Your Customers Feel Like They’re Stealing Your Work

The secret to earning during tough economic times

August Birch
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7 min readOct 6, 2020


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We’re in the middle of difficult times right now. But times have always been difficult for creators. While it’s true that many people are out of work and it’s tempting to cut prices to make sales — don’t.

Instead, provide more value.

Lot’s of value.

So much value you want to make your customer feel as if she stole from you. Like she’s got to back-away slowly, before you realize what you did.

Money is interesting. Value is not a hard-fast number we can pick from the sky. But you know your market. You know your customers (maybe you’re one of them).

When you provide a deep-discount, you not only short-change the future of your business, you also train your customers. Business owners that do nothing but drop prices, teach their customers they’ve got nothing else to offer but a lower price. Someone will always have a lower price than you, especially in this international economy.

…but adding value is a different game.

What can you add/do with your product or service to add more?

Money is Funny

We’re looking at ‘wants’ for this article, not needs. When we need something, we’ll pay more than we value the thing, just because we need it. Shelter and toilet paper are on the list.

However, most of us are in the wants category.

We need to provide more value. If your customer is willing to part with his money, the thing you’re selling better carry more value than the cash in his pocket.

Else you won’t make the sale.

When we provide exceptional levels of value we help make the buying decision a no-brainer. There’s less buyer’s remorse. Your sales copy doesn’t have to be perfect… and the best part:

You can charge full-price for your product.

Why Stolen-Level Value?

I use this analogy, because it’s not enough to toss in a free whatever to add a couple percentage points of additional value. Your competition uses…



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