I’ll share some of my secrets with you

my favorite resources for writers

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I can’t speak for most of you writers, but personally, those days of only using Microsoft Word are long behind me. I was only created rough drafts on a Dell back when I was 12, but today, I have more gadgets than ever to get my thoughts out into the world. Here are my top ten favorite resources (these aren’t in any particular order), I hope you find them useful.


I love this platform. This list wouldn’t exist without it. Not only can you freelance by gaining more views per article, but you can also be sure to gain more writing skills by being an active user, consistently. Medium’s platform is dynamic with more articles than enough. Whether you’re looking to run your own publication or just get your stories out into the world this is the place to do it.

Google Docs

Edits. Every time I think about Google Docs the first thing that comes to mind are the many books that I’ve read with suggested edits. I love it. Google Docs allows you to share your draft with as many people as possible in order to create your best work while collaborating on others.


Apple’s stock app, Notes, has an easy to use feel to it that allows jotting down ideas to happen quickly on the go. Maybe you can’t really write the entire article out but you want to save the idea. This app is perfect as it’s super convenient in the widget center of your phone to reflect on a list that you’ve created for yourself.

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So you want to write a book? You can’t really do that without an ever so present application that will allow you to write from your phone in line at the grocery and at the desktop computer back home. Scrivener has a dynamic to it that allows you to section your book off into as many drafts as you need and you’re able to sync it through dropbox which allows collaborators to see your progress.


What writer doesn’t need to project manage? From article writing, to novelizing, to journaling Evernote has you covered. You’re able to create notebooks for everything that you’re working on and keep track of goals that you’re setting for yourself along the way to make sure that progress is always being made.

Kindle Direct Publishing

If you’re self published then you’ve probably already heard of this. However, it is Amazon’s way of helping you to fast track your fictional career. You’re able to self publish hard and paperback versions of your novel through KDP which allows you to collect royalties on a steady basis.


Looking for more writers? Twitter is home to the #amwriting and #writingcommunity that will help you to start your career. Through Twitter you can meet other writers that are in your specific genre and keep track of the latest trends in publishing/blogging/journalism.


Do you want to find more readers? A lot of people that are interested in what you write can be found here. Through FaceBook you can have family and friends keep up on your work as well as random people that have a thing for fantasy or sci fi.


Apple’s stock app, Pages, is great for drafting research papers, essays, or even book chapters. Pages has a sleek layout that is easy to use and you can download it for free on Mac or iPhone. The work is synced through the cloud which allows you to always pick up where you left off.


If you’re writing for young adults then this is the place you’ll love. On WattPad you can find everything from fanfiction to long romance novels that are not only being read by kiddies, but also written. This is a great tool to use if you’re looking to connect with an age group that is younger than yourself and share what you can do.