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This is how you earn more with email


Honestly, I didn’t think this would work…

While most writers and creators pound-away at the front gate, you can earn a lot more from a really teeny-tiny audience.

Instead of creating an endless stream of social content in the hopes you’ll become an ‘influencer’ to hundreds of thousands of people, you can become a friend to a few hundred.

There’s a small group of people who love your work.

I mean, REALLY love what you do. They can’t get enough. They’ll invest in almost anything you create the moment you release it. These are your biggest fans.

…and you won’t impress them with pictures of your feet, facing a pool.

You worked hard to build your email list. There’s a living, breathing human behind each address. You connect with them on a regular basis. They write to you and you write them back.

But there’s something missing…

Although you feel you’ve got a great connection with the people you serve, your creative practice isn’t growing as you thought it would. You followed all the advice from your favorite gurus. You’re careful not to ‘ask’ to often. Instead, you give a lot, and ask every now and then.

Sure, the sales trickle-in, but not enough.

The missing component is story driven email marketing.

When you connect with each person on your list, sharing a short personal story each time, coupled with a little lesson, and ending with an offer — every email stands alone.

For example, maybe you get a 20% open rate (Middle-of the road. Not bad)

This means 80% of your subscribers won’t open a given email. If you only make an offer every 5 emails or so, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your sales.

Every email should have an offer in it.

This doesn’t mean you have to make a sale in every email. You can ask people to reply to a question, take a survey, or read your social post. But we should ask each reader to actively participate in our emails.

Couple those offers with an entertaining story in each email, AND segment your list based on customer behavior (i.e. ask people to click to join a waitlist for higher-ticket offers), you will sell a lot more to those chosen few.

We’ll keep coming back to learn more about you.

Like sitting with a close friend over coffee, except you’ll write to one person at a time and distribute the email to many.

Personal stories can come from anywhere. They don’t have to be extraordinary. Once I shared a story about cleaning-out my sink drain and tied that to my current offer.

Most of us can get your paid content from many sources.

We come for your stories. We return for your stories. And we’ll stick with you and keep buying your best work because of the stories you share (and the specific way you deliver them).

I’d like to share how I deliver my email stories and earn a great living each month from a small email list.

If you’d like to get on the waitlist for my Email Magic 21 Day Storytelling Academy, click this link.

Inside the academy, not only will I show you exactly how to craft each part of your email, but you’ll also discover how to create offers that work, how to find unlimited stories, and much more. The only way to enroll in the next open session is to get your name on the exclusive waitlist.

We’re waiting for you.

August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic)

P.S. Here’s a link to that exclusive waitlist once more.



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