Your Mom’s Email Gets a 100% Open Rate

The power of friendly marketing

August Birch
Aug 15, 2020 · 5 min read
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you’re a writer or creator and you’ve read my stuff more than ten seconds you know I’m into email. I love email for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is the ability to connect, one-to-many, without creating a million disposable social posts.

With email we can have personal, meaningful conversations with many people at once.

…but we’ve got to do email right.

Something funny happens when we start sending email to promote our best work. The analytical, salesy brain kicks-in. We stop using the creative, friendly connections we use when connecting with others.

We end up writing these cold, stanky emails that sound like a used-car-selling senator wrote them.

…then we’re all surprised when our emails aren’t opened or engaged-with. I used to do this too. For some reason when I sat to write email, the human/consumer part of my brain turned-off and only the business-owner side did the writing.

Problem is, those aren’t Mom’s emails.

Mom (insert one of your closest people here) gets a 100% open-rate. At least my mom does. We need to get closer to Mom with our emails, and further from Jimmy the Used Car Senator.

Write your emails like Mom

Look at the emails you open — the ones you click no matter what. There are a few criteria. Some we’ve got no control over. Like, no matter how hard you try you’re still a business not a family member. But we can get closer to Mom than you think.

‘Mom email’ criteria:

  • The sender is a person not a business (Michell vs. The ABC Branding Company)
  • The subject line is short, curious, and doesn’t sell anything (“Lunch tomorrow?” vs. “10 things you never knew about face wash”)
  • There’s no header image at the top (header graphics scream sales email)
  • There aren’t many images (if any). Most emails from Mom are text. Occasionally, there’s a personal photo
  • Sometimes Mom uses emojis in her subject line. Be careful with this one. Even Mom can overdo emojis… like waaay overdo them.
  • Mom’s emails have one purpose. Every email you write should have a single purpose (send a reply, click a link, make a purchase)
  • Mom’s emails are as long as they need to be. If you can say everything you need to say in 15 words, don’t write 17. If you need 2,000 words to deliver your message, do so. Most emails are shorter. But don’t worry so much about length. If you provide something of value to the reader, she’ll read it no matter how long it is.
  • Mom’s emails are conversational. This a person close to you. There’s no condescending. There’s no hype. There’s no “buy my crap, now!” There are few four-letter words just to sound cool. They aren’t clever. They’re caring and valuable.
  • Mom’s emails have earned our trust. Through a relationship we open the emails because we trust the sender. We trust the sender because they put our needs first, “don’t forget to wear your mask in public,” vs. “here are five things I need you do to for me so I can get rich.”
  • Mom gives before she gets. Mom doesn’t ask for us to do something unless it’s really important. Most of the time Mom gives. Mom gives until it hurts, then she gives a little more. This is how we should treat our readers. Each one is an individual person. Mom isn’t a doormat either. She’ll call you out on your shit. But Mom gives first. We know how much she gives, so when she asks we help her in return.

Mom’s emails won’t matter if you have no one to send them to

Great emails start with a tribe. If you’ve got no audience (even an audience of two) you’ve got no reason to write the email.

If you’re a writer or creator, you need email. Email is the great equalizer. You have just as much right to your reader’s in-box no matter where you live or how much money you have in the bank.

When you have email you’re on an even playing field with the biggest businesses in the world. You have the advantage. Amazon won’t write emails from ‘Jeff’ and they sure as hell won’t send you an all-text email to see how you’re doing.

You can send those emails.

Every person on your list you build a relationship with, could become a future customer worth thousands of dollars. The best time to start your tribe was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Before you need an email list. These things take time to build and everyone starts from zero.

I’ve got something. Just for you…

When you build a tribe around your best work, even if you’re starting-out, you’ve got an instant audience when you’re ready to fly.

I built a free email masterclass for you. I hand-crafted the whole thing. It took me a couple months. I call the masterclass the Tribe 1K.

I’ll show you how to get your first 1,000 (or your next 1,000) readers without spending a hot nickel on ads. Past students include New York Times bestselling authors. Yep, the ones you see in the bookstore.

Your email list will help you build a legacy creative business.

If you want to grow your creative business you need email before you lose that valuable reader. Start your list before you need one. Once you need a list it’s almost too late.

Tap the link.

Guarantee your seat before I start charging an enrollment fee.

We’re waiting for you.

Enroll in my Free Email Masterclass. Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers

August Birch (AKA the Book Mechanic) is both a fiction and non-fiction author from Michigan, USA. As a self-appointed guardian of writers and creators, August helps indies who want to make work that sells and sell work they make. When he’s not writing or thinking about writing, August hangs-out with his beautiful wife and handsome son, carries a pocket knife, and shaves his head with a safety razor.

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August Birch

Written by

Blue-Collar Indie | Marketing & Email Tips for Writer-Creators | Tap for My FREE, Tribe 1K Email Masterclass:

The Book Mechanic

Down-and-dirty growth strategies for commercial writers and creators, with a blue collar work ethic, and a no-nonsense voice.

August Birch

Written by

Blue-Collar Indie | Marketing & Email Tips for Writer-Creators | Tap for My FREE, Tribe 1K Email Masterclass:

The Book Mechanic

Down-and-dirty growth strategies for commercial writers and creators, with a blue collar work ethic, and a no-nonsense voice.

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