The Wife Goes Out On the Town

There’s only so far she would go — or is that really true?

Jillian Spiridon
The Book of Lust


Image Credit: Depositphotos

Helene found the pictures first even though she had been suspicious for months.

Her husband Neil kept them in his bottom desk drawer. Every single one showed a woman in more and more scant clothing. They were all tasteful in their own ways, but she hated every woman she saw as they bared their skin for the voyeur on the other side of the camera. Helene bit down hard on her bottom lip as she scanned through the stack of photos. Finally, taking a shaky breath, she hid the evidence back in the drawer before shutting it.

Then she went about business as usual.

Dinner was a silent affair that night, but Neil didn’t seem to notice.

But that night, as she lay in bed beside her husband who had been hiding photos of other women, she stared at the ceiling with her hands upon her stomach. Revenge splintered alive in her mind. Finally, unable to take it anymore, she got out of the bed and went to the study.

Then she sat in front of the computer and began to search through sites she’d never allowed herself to peruse before. That night, as she went through page after page, she concocted a plan.

But would it work?