Introduction to Tokens and Blockchains

Updated 12/4/17

As I get asked more and more about cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchains, I find I’m always pointing people towards a few of the same resources.

Here are a couple videos and a podcast that I love as entry points into the token and blockchain world. They don’t answer every question, but they explain enough to either pique your interest or turn you away.

Episode 773 of Jason Calacanis’s This Week in Startups

This is the “philosophical” reason behind all of this new technology, and it also highlights how insane the super young ICO market is compared to traditional VC funding.

The part that I feel resonates with “average people” is right at 12:34 when Brock starts talking about the misaligned motives in today’s corporations and the alternative system that blockchain technologies can facilitate.

It’s also fascinating to watch the frustration build up as Jason, one of my personal favorite and most respected investors, struggles to frame all of this new change by today’s standards.

You can tell something big is happening.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos on The Kevin Rose Show

This is the best explanation of what/why Bitcoin that I’ve heard yet. It’s just the right balance between theoretical and practical, and Andreas paints a picture of Bitcoin that even most Bitcoin investors don’t fully grasp.

Blockchain 101

This is a simple explanation of what the blockchain actually is. It’s a nice mix of tech and layman’s terms, and it’s essential to understanding any of the crazy potential that’s built on top of it.