Monthly Update — April/May 2018

Been a while…

I’m really slow to the update this month… so much so that it’s a two month update now.

Couple interesting things, though…

OST Alpha II Proof of Concept

I was selected to participate in OST’s Alpha II program six weeks ago (early April). I spent most of my time over those six weeks working on a completely new codebase for Really Simple Store (a version 2.0 basically) that integrates with OST for a token economy.

Here are some project details and my final video submission that explains everything:

And here’s just the video:

As long as I officially meet the requirements (which I should), I’ll get a healthy bounty in OST, although I plan to use some or all of it to build out my proof of concept as a real product when OST launches.


I also did a small investment in FileThis through SeedInvest. FileThis makes the technology that powers another one of my investments (Lendsnap). The service they offer is super valuable, so if they can become the standard integration that powers all the big fintech (and related) companies, I’m in.

I don’t really understand how any of my SeedInvest investments will end up or what the chances are I’ll get any return, so I sort of do it just because it’s new and available to me… as a way to diversify. However, FileThis seems like they’re the real deal, so I’m excited to see what happens.

Bitcoin and Ether Cost Averaging

Crypto’s been wild over the last month or two, and I continued to buy BTC and ETH each week until this past week. I’ll probably keep going, but I’ve bought enough at these prices now that I want to see them move up a bit.


I also bought a lot more EOS in anticipation of the June 1st “launch.” EOS price has tanked since then, but I do believe it’s got a great shot at being a huge, successful platform (and creating some new paradigms for future platforms). I don’t understand what it’s going to look like when EOS switches over, so it’s kind a fun wait-and-see right now.