Monthly Update — May/June 2018

Keepin on

My last update was mid May. Not too much happened since then, but I did one SeedInvest investment, and I bought and earned crypto.

Just yesterday, I invested in through SeedInvest. Inside is Jason Calacanis’s company. Jason has talked about crowd funding and profiled it closely since it became legal, and the fact that he came around to it shows promise for the future of non-accredited investing. I hope it goes well for him.

I also think he has a lot of integrity, and if anyone will take care of their investors- even the smalltime crowdfunders- he will.

In addition, I love the product and am a paying subscriber already. I know his business model from listening to his show(s), so it was a pretty quick, confident decision to invest.


I mentioned completing my OST Alpha Proof of Concept project in the last update (I think). They officially announced category winners and successful challenges, so I’m set up to receive 50,000 OST in monthly installments over a year.

Right now, OST’s price is less than the ICO price, but the product(s) and the team are flying full speed ahead and continually impressing me. I believe in the whole token movement, but it’s not a guarantee. As long as tokens stick around, OST will be in an amazing position, working towards really smart goals. I already own a good amount of OST, so I’m hoping with the reward there will enough tokens to fund Really Simple Store’s token economy and make some money.

Crypto Cost Averaging

Still cost averaging BTC and ETH, but less frequently. If it ever goes back up, this will pay off big. 🤞 Haha


This is one I’m looking at for the future, but I thought I’d mention it. It’s less of an “investment” and more of a “job,” but I’m considering setting up physical Zone Anchors that run on the FOAM Proof of Location protocol. By helping validate and curate registries in the system, I can earn tokens.

Their token economy is going to be very anti-speculator, so I don’t know what that means for the token price, but if I can earn them by just setting up beacons, they don’t need to be too expensive.

And I really like the idea and team on this one. It’s a big idea, so it will be a challenge, but I think it’s a smart service that is needed in the decentralized future we’re probably going to see.