A Dream Within a Dream

A Study of Edgar Allan Poe’s Melancholy Masterpiece

Niall O'Connell
Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Poems
9 min readJan 7, 2023


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As part of my writing journey, I love to read my fellow poets here on Medium, who are a source of constant inspiration and motivation. I also enjoy perusing the many online poetry magazines and publications that can be found outside of the Medium space. But for me, the most inspiring aspect of poetry has always been to read, study and reflect on the works of great poets. I have many favourite poets and poems, and my list is constantly growing.

I’ve noticed very few articles by poets on Medium about the works of their treasured heroes. I feel that I’m not alone in being primarily concerned with my output and that I tend to favour writing and publishing my work over discussing the work of others. So, to add a little balance to my contribution here on Medium, I’ve decided to dedicate my Saturday mornings, when possible, to reviewing a poem that has influenced, touched or inspired me in some way. Welcome to the Saturday Study!

I am not an academic, so you will not find me getting into technical minutiae, arguments on poetic value, agonising over historical context or anything else too cerebral. Instead, I will look at the themes, poetic devices, structure and meaning of the poems I review and tell…