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A Study of Robert Frost’s American Classic

Niall O'Connell
Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Poems
8 min readJan 14, 2023


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Saturday Study #2

The second instalment of ‘Saturday Study’ explores Robert Frost’s iconic poem, ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’, which has become an enduring classic of American literature.

Last week, I introduced this series of articles as a weekly, non-academic review of classic poetry that has influenced or touched me in some way. I am back at my desk this morning and looking forward to getting into today’s poem!

I will shorten this week’s preamble but repeat myself by saying that I am hopeful of starting a conversation on Medium about our poetic heroes and favourite pieces. My intention is to write weekly and look into the themes, poetic devices, structure and meaning of poems that I love; and to tell you why I find each piece so fascinating. I also want to look beyond technique and craft and consider what makes a poem truly magical to experience — that special something that exists beyond words.

I invite readers and poets to join the conversation and would love to learn about the authors and poetry that ignite your passions. The tag is ‘Saturday Study’ — let’s make the discussion of great poetry a living, breathing thing…