What a Poet Needs


Places and spaces…

SW flank of Kilauea — photo by author
SE Flank of Kilauea — photo by author

A poet’s needs are
places and spaces
to be free

Outside conventions
giving their full attention
to the places rubbed raw

Inside ACE bandages
of love and grace applied
to healing wounds

Above the chaos
of memes, tweets, and toks
to flights through heavenly lights

Below the surface
of vainglorious masks and facades
to swim in deep waters

Behind the times
of rush, hurry, and buy, buy, buy
to reminiscences of childhood

Ahead of the death and decay
of politics as usual
to community and philanthropy

Beside those of like-mindedness
to secure the future
for those who will follow

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SW flank of Kilauea — photo by author

Taressa Watson (Hawaii, U.S.A.)lives and writes in Pele’s rainforest with her husband, two dogs, one feral chicken, and an imaginary cat. She writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and blogs about life.



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