Join Us On Bleacher Brawls

Welcome to my latest endeavor!

There’s more Boy Who Loved Joe Kelly to be had!

Bleacher Brawls is all about the greatest rivalry in professional sports: the Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees.

In addition to this weekly column (which isn’t going anywhere), I’ve joined the crew over at Bleacher Brawls as a content creator. I’m producing the flagship podcast, contributing to the YouTube Channel, creating baseball trivia quizzes, reviewing baseball movies — you’ll find me anywhere you find Bleacher Brawls.

And we’re not just talking Red Sox/Yankees. We’re covering breaking news in sports, doing live play-by-play for random games, unboxing baseball cards, and brawling about anything that’s on your minds.

Best of friends, best of enemies. The greatest rivalry in sports leads to the greatest rivalry in life. Life long New York and Boston fans will preach the gospel about their sports cities. We’ll give you the opinions of die hard fans on what’s right with their team and what’s wrong with the other team. Which side are you on? Because there is no middle ground. — Bleacher Brawls

I’m gonna keep doing what I do here with my column, but if 1,000 words a week just isn’t enough Boy Who Loved Joe Kelly for you, then you know where to find me.



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