A Fun Onomatopoetic Prompt

I asked and you gave

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

In this story …

… I asked you to contribute a favorite sound.

And you did.

From Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! to Yoikes! (and I’ll add “zing”), your best “onomatopoeticisms” flooded in. Thanks!

Now, it’s your turn:

  • to get creative (some more)
  • to get relational
  • to use the words/sounds to break out a bit and connect

Here’s all I’m asking.

Using the ENTIRE word list below, create a short story (poem, prose, whatever) of your own (ScienceDuuude already has the jump on you) and publish it where you wish.

hmph, sooo, clink, Hm…, Grrr (growl), SPLAT, Mmmmm, whoosh, Ka-ching!, onomato-PEE-AHHHHH (that’s the ScienceDuuude’s “word”), murmur, egad, Guffaw, Schlurpppp, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!, Moo, Yoikes!, Giggle, Grrrrphhhh, zing


Mia Z. Edwards, kurt gasbarra, K.B. Hubbard, Samantha Drobac, Jupiter Grant, Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她), Ann Marie Steele 2021, Brenda Mahler, Toya Qualls-Barnette, Tina L. Smith, Maude Pagan, Christopher Robin, Jennifer McDougall, Jayrow, Terry Mansfield, Alan Asnen, Kasey Sparks, Kerstin Krause

I’m also tagging some folks I haven’t heard from in awhile:

Britni Pepper, Erin Price-Hale, Hermes Solenzol, Stuart Englander, Joe Trey (Adventure Hermit), Skye Mo'ipulelehua Kahoali'i, Scott A. Moore, Mil H., Lane Taylor, The Dozen, Jeanette C. Espinoza, Heather Monroe, Barry Knister, Elise Paxson ☕️, Jonah Angeles, Isak Dinesen, Juliano Righetto, Bhavna Narula, Tim Colby, Jennifer Jones, Zachary Burg, Daniel Burg

For everyone else. Please feel free to play along.



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