Editing Typos | Sonnet or Sonnette

As Dumb As They Come

But not a complete dingbat

An emoji of a blond woman with her flat palm up against her forehead and animated stars twinkling around her head; set against a background of broad wavy bands of red, purple, blue and pink.
Disclaimer — this is not a statement about blonds! Image created by writer in Canva using free clipart (source)

How could I be such a dingbat
to miss such a glaring typo?
I call myself an editor
I’m as dumb as they come, righteo!

I uploaded article four
when the bolt struck my cranium
“It’s Jan…




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Carolyn Hastings

Carolyn Hastings

Well-practiced speech pathologist now practicing to be a children’s book writer — emphasis on practicing.

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