Poetry and Prose


a poem about what I wanted to say

The truth is
I don’t like your food
Your voice is just ok
No, I don’t think it will
become anything serious
The shirt looked better
on the rack. I said I was busy
I was just too busy
for you. I block you from certain
posts. I can’t stand when you play
devil’s advocate. I know you’re
exaggerating most of the time
so that others think you’re
a superstar. Part of me
is afraid they will see you
as one too. I’m scared I might be wrong
about you. I’m not sure I’m equipped
to handle it or cope. But the deepest cut is
how you two get along so well;

that’s the part I hate the most.



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Samah Fadil

I like to write and ask questions about politics, poetry, pop culture, power, philosophy, pen game, and various other P words. Not catered to the White Gaze™️.