If I Kill it Today…

To kill it or not to kill it; that is the question.

This is a cartoon-type print of a young lady sitting at a desk holding a pen in her left hand, staring into the distance over her laptop. She is wearing glasses and is wearing a black dress jacket over a black top. She leans on her right arm with her hand under the right side of her face. On the desk there is also white coffee cup and a red notebook. On the wall behind her are the words in all capital letters WORK HARD.

“Killing it” is a slang expression that means someone is doing well.

If I am using it to describe my actions, I take it to mean putting forth a reasonable effort (working hard and efficiently on daily tasks). “Killing it” has nothing to do with accomplishing anything, although that can likely be an outcome.



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Michael Hollifield

Blogger, speaker, passionate about encouraging humanity through personal experience.