It’s Ok to Eat Alone

A pre/post pandemic assurance

Photo by Stefan Johnson on Unsplash

Going to a restaurant by yourself doesn’t make you weird or lonely. The first time I ate at a restaurant by myself, was while waiting for a friend to arrive so we could head to the basketball stadium to watch our favorite team. It was at a quiet, dimly lit spot in Brooklyn that specialized in hamburgers. After my order was taken, it felt nice to enjoy my usual podcasts in a different kind of ambiance.

Once the waiter set the burger in front of me, it felt like I could do whatever I wanted. No expectations of a conversation, no eye contact necessary, no need to worry about the way I’m about to devour this burger.

It was after that first bite, that I noticed how much more I was tasting the food, how much more I appreciated what I was eating. I was eating alone, and that was ok.

-Malik Bellamy



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Malik Bellamy

Malik Bellamy

Another New Yorker telling people what they should think about things.