Just a Lil’ Twit Twittlin’

by Gustave Deresse

Photo by Jan Meeus on Unsplash

Twittles are made difficult by our
will to be truthful and provide
real-life value to our readers while
managing to rhyme.

Now making up for the first one,
which did not rhyme one bit,
hoping this method succeeds to
get you all chasing another



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Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Gustave Deresse (˙ᗡ˙𝐖 'ɥʇıƃƃı𝐳ɥɔʇı𝐌)

Stories, Poetry, Questions, Humor, Lessons, Confessions!! 🙏✨ | WRITER FOR HIRE — g.d@ineclectic.site | Be one with us. 🖤 ⇊ https://gusd.medium.com/membership