La Fortuna

There’s nothing like a soak in volcanic hot springs

Steamy hot springs surrounded by tropical foliage.
Licensed from Kevin Schafer/Danita Delimont, Adobe Stock

The sulphuric brook babbles,
bubbles ‘round nubbles
of stone-spotted riverbed,
Steam rises, heat
welcomes blistering feet
to soothe knots
and aching away
I’m nestled luxuriously
in a natural spa where
an armchair of rocks
cradles me gently
Having escaped from
a cold, biting April, I melt
like Costa Rican sugar
in coffee



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Rachel Ramkaran (she/her)

Rachel Ramkaran (she/her)

Weaver of words. Seeker of flow. Curious generalist. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, creativity, self, relationships, food, justice & more.